Sonya Rosario

"You cannot create a legacy for yourself,
until you create one for someone else"

Film Descriptions

My first film, The Historical Impact of the “S” Word, (2002) was on the removal of the term “squaw” a highly offensive word, used to historically traumatize Native women (referencing to women’s genitalia) from Idaho land places. I traveled to and stayed on five Tribal Reservations throughout Idaho; interviewing Native sisters, who experienced firsthand that term. Though, a novice with my first film, I learned to use natural light and my surroundings to the benefit of the story, capturing the resilience of the human spirit. I enjoyed teaching the women how to use the camera; often many of my participants became my assistants on the shoots. Today, this film is part of Women’s, Ethics, Native American studies at Universities, Colleges and Federal/State entities across the country.

Idaho’s Forgotten War,  (2010) was influenced by Amy Trice, former Chairwoman of the Kootenai Tribe of Idaho, the first and only documented woman to declare a war on the US Government in 1974, as a Sovereign Nation. Amy’s heroic spirit and unwavering commitment to her people armed her with the strength and courage to declare war in order to gain federal status to reclaim lost aboriginal lands, and build a homeland for her people. Amy’s story is now in the Idaho Historical Museum, and her quote will be etched in stone at the Ann Frank Memorial. Had it not been for this fierce and fearless woman’s conviction, the Kootenai Tribe would have lost its past and Idaho its history.

Who’s in Your Corner, (2017) a short narrative, first place at the Bentonville Film Festival, hosted by Geena Davis, ESPN and Wal-Mart. A young Latina shares what her life is like day to day, living in a multi-cultural world, speaking English by day and Spanish by night; filmed in a boxing ring, she boxes life; represented by an MMA Fighter, who knows where to hit and take the body off course, knocking her out; A glimpse of her boxing coach and mother, re-assures her,  “It’s not how you fall, but how you get up from the fight, I am never alone; its who’s in your corner.” 

The Sofa Diaries, (2019) my third film dedicated to my mother Gloria, highlights six intriguing and influential Idaho women - Ana Schachtell, Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb, Emilie Jackson-Edney, Kelly Miller, State Representative Melissa Wintrow, and Susie Rios. Interwoven in their intimate stories is my own story; raised by mothers who were visionaries. Their life teachings and the ripple effect of those mother/daughter relationships, influenced, which is reflected through activism, social change, and legislation. I am the only woman filmmaker in Idaho focusing on documenting women's legacy through film. Thereby archiving their historical stories for future generations of Idahoans.