Sonya Rosario

"You cannot create a legacy for yourself,
until you create one for someone else"

Quotes from Sonya Rosario

Life quotes
“You cannot create a legacy for yourself, until you create one for someone else.”

“When you’re surrounded by ‘Superheroes’ you begin to feel and act like one too, although the many women who guided and encouraged me did not wear a Red Cape, their Actions saved many lives, including mine.”

“You really don’t want to upset a woman with her finger on the ‘red button’ called ‘record’.”

Filmmaking Industry Today
“The world of film today is deeply aware of the cultural divide across genres and we find through the works of women filmmakers, there is a shift happening to lessen that divide.”

“Film and storytelling can help us create a public record of little known and neglected histories for future generations.”

“I believe that personal stories and reflections can help bring into question stereotypical portrayals that sometimes dominate our myths about each other and by hearing or seeing something familiar, can remind us that we are not so very different from each other!”

Women in Film
“My goal is to archive grassroots women’s voices, so that their voices are not forgotten or diminished, as they leave a significant marker through civic activism, education and legislation.”

“As women unite, a new generation of women will benefit and be empowered to take their place without any-hesitation and become the formidable change makers of tomorrow!”

“I never believed or accepted that becoming a filmmaker was by mistake…I knew in my heart that I had come to Idaho for a purpose, and her name happened to be Amy Trice, Kootenai Woman Warrior.”

“I believe that I lived in Idaho a hundred-fifty years ago; this time I happen to have a camera in my hand to document the truth of what really happened…from those who lived it.”