Sonya Rosario

"You cannot create a legacy for yourself,
until you create one for someone else"

My Story

‘Girls can be Superheroes too!
Who do you think gave birth to them.’

Gloria, mother of Sonya

            As a child, I stuttered.  I often spent my young life in silence, protected by my lioness-mother, Gloria; who feared the cruelty of the others.  My interactions with the outside world were often limited, relying on books, movies, and my mother’s storytelling for profound companionship.  Molded by a mother whose creativity had been stifled by an older generation’s way of thinking.  I was introduced to the world of guided imagery and visualization, enhancing critical thinking and my ability to create significant and effective films to create change; ‘through my childhood lens.

‘GOD never met a woman he didn’t love, that’s why he created so many of us.’

                                                                  Gloria C. Reyes, 1933-2010        

I was born in San Antonio, Texas, but I also grew up in Italy, Holland and Terceira, Azores. I was as a military brat. Living and growing up in different cultures and among so many children from different parts of the United States was an incredible lesson to relationship building and the value of a diverse community.  I feel it is important for me to utilize my skills and talents in creating film and stories to explore and to create a world of safety for the storyteller, giving them every opportunity to remember their commitment to those who can no longer speak on their own behalf.  The journey created by my films and writings is my commitment to social justice and my representation of my love for sharing the stories of ordinary people doing extra-ordinary deeds.  I am interested in memory in relation to historical events that impact and change lives in a community for the better.  I believe that personal stories and reflections can help bring into question stereotypical portrayals that sometimes dominate our myths about each other.  In hearing something familiar, we can be reminded that we are not so very different.  Film and storytelling can help create a public record of little known and neglected histories for future generations to come. 

           I am forever changed by these personal and impactful stories, and by the mother who encouraged me to go to Russia and find ‘Leo Tolstoy’ in 1974.  I didn’t find Leo; instead discovered my creative voice in Tolstoy’s Russia.